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(TFT) Re: Moving through figures

David O. Miller writes:

> So here's the question: You're in a dungeon. All of the passageways are
> one hex wide. You are not in a combat situation. Do you allow figures
> to squeeze past one another to basically change their "marching order"
> (to use a D&D term)? I've always played that figures can not, as the
> rules state, move through each other. But then again it seemed to make
> sense to allow this. If they were in combat I would rule that the
> answer would be no. Am I being to hard core here to not allow it during
> non combat situations? What does everyone think?
I'd certainly allow them to pass under non-melee conditions.   Consider that 
the hexes are about 4 feet edge-to-edge, making an individual edge "about" 3 
feet long.   Go measure the hallways in your house...

To limit things somewhat, require a full turn to have two characters swap 
hexes in a one-hex hallway, occupying both pretty completely.   Halflings, 
goblins, and prootwaddles excepted, since they are considerably smaller.

The situation that will come up quickly is the whole "archer covering the 
retreat" situation.   Can a freely moving character get past a friendly archer?   
How about a spellcaster?   In a standard one-hex hallway, I'd say yes, but at 
the cost of accuracy, if not the whole action.

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