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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #759

Here's another situation from a game that I played a while back.
Picture a bottle neck, shaped like an hour glass. A very wide area
narrows down to one hex and then widens back out again. Two enemy
forces meet at the bottle neck. Every hex is filled with a 1 hex,
standing figure (there is enough figures to fill up at least three to
four hexes deep in both directions). One unlucky warrior (A), standing
on the single hex in the bottle neck must face two opponents.

Yike. *Why?* Shouldn't he have backed off, so *his* side got the 2 to 1 odds? He must have been a lot better fighter than anyone else in his party.

He is
knocked down but not killed. He elects to stay prone. Another figure on
his team steps into his hex, rolls vs his DX and makes the roll. This
new figure (B) stands over the fallen figure (A) and starts fighting
the two enemies in front of him. The question is: what can figure (A)
do? He can not stand.

Concur with this.

If he crawls is he disengaging from his enemies?

Yes, if he crawls away from them. Disengaging would be his action for whichever turn he tries it in. One possible exception, noted below.

Can he even crawl into a hex that is occupied by a standing figure,
friendly or not?

If he is engaging that figure in HTH combat. I'd rule that he could do this to a "friendly", causing the friendly to go down as well. In any case, the target of the HTH would have no retreat, so movement allowance wouldn't matter. In this case, "HTH attack" would be his action for the turn instead of "disengage". Rules for this state that it can be used to effectively disengage. Of course an enemy might reject him, and even get a free hit. I'd allow his friends to not do the free hit, if they rolled one, or to consent to HTH.

Could he crawl into an enemies hex that is furiously
engaged in combat with a standing figure?

Yes, as above.

Do all of the figures on his
side have to move back one hex to allow him to stand?

Yes. But this could all be done during movement, and his "disengage" could be done during action, all in one turn.

Or can he crawl
through the legs of his friends and stand up at the rear?

By successively engaging them all in HTH, and knocking them over one by one.

:-)   <- evil Referee grin

I note also that AM p3, option I.h, "stand up" is part of set I, which is "Stand still or move one hex and ... " and is not marked with an asterisk, meaning it is available to engaged figures. The reason I'd disallow this is that he would be simultaneously disengaging, which is I.d, and he's allowed only one option per turn. (I could see ruling that (B) was who the enemies were concentrating on, so that (A) would not count as "engaged", but that's not what I'd do.) The advantage of this, if allowed, is that he'd get away and stand up on one turn, rather than taking two turns. However it would require all of his teammates to back up to clear a space for him.

Concur also with the opinions on narrow hallways - OK during non-combat, but during combat either prohibited or costs an action. Could also be done by HTH on your teammate - engage him, knocking both down, both try to disengage into the new desired order, both stand up. That might impose an appropriate penalty on the party for the exchange.

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