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(TFT) Hexes

At 07:50 PM 3/25/06 -0800, Rick Smith wrote:
  Of course other scales could be used, but they
won't fit into the nice "hexes made out of hexes"
system.  (Actually, how many people are going to
be worried about nesting several levels of maps
inside the hexes of each other?  I've likely
spent way too much time on this already...)

Not I. I almost only used the battle scale (1.333 m) and the Labyrinth (1 hex = Melee megahex) scales before not caring about nesting hexes in megahexes. I resolved wars on (IIRC) an approximately 100m hex scale with about 100-man units, and the world was mapped on 12.5 km hexes like the map in the back of ITL (including that one, in fact, with a few adjustments), but there was no particular correspondence between them.

When I switched the TFT campaign to GURPS (which uses 1-yard or 1-meter hexes but no megahexes, and allows use of partially blocked hexes) I started using a new kit including:

* Rulers graduated in hexes, to measure missile ranges and other long-range measurements. * Transparent photocopies of hex grids, one with combat hexes for TFT counters but no megahexes. * A piece of blank paper with megahex-sized HEXES drawn darkly. I used this and a light table or window to draw combat maps based on TFT-style "labyrinth" maps.

The personal combat maps were thus drawn on blank paper with no grid, perhaps ignoring conformity to any hexes, and the hex grid was applied by laying a hex grid transparency on top of it. I quite liked that system. I also liked that it generated lots of battle maps which could be re-used if action ever re-occurred someplace.

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