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RE: Re: (TFT) Magnetic ink --> Rick puzzled.

> > > > Mischmetal> >      Specifically Neodymium> >    I don't believe that
Neodymium is magnetic.> Are there rules for Neodymium somewhere?
Here is a link to Wiki article.  See the 4th bullet point down, under


But you are correct again.  There was no TFT rule about this.

> > > > >      Additionally allow a ready scroll to be used as a Shield
against thrown> > spells.
> >      It subtracts 1 from the DX of the attacking> > wizard for each point
of IQ difference between the casting wizard and the IQ> > of the spell.> >
Are these suggested rules you are introducing > or are they from somewhere

< shy emberrassed look >

Eerrr um  yes.

> > p.s. for extra credit offer a house rule on why metal arrow heads, and
other> > weapons, sticking in the wizard do not cause a DX-4 for spell
casting.> >    I have set the amount of iron needed to be > high enough that
such 'involuntary' amounts> of metal to not be high enough to set off this>
rule.  (However a bola with 3 metal masses > would do so.)
Nice.  So it is the total mass of iron and not the even distribution of the
field, as I would have ruled.

David Michael Grouchy II

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