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RE: Re: (TFT) Magnetic ink --> Rick puzzled.

Hi all,
   I thought I sent this long ago, but here it
was in my unsent mail folder.  


Hi Everyone, David.

<David Michael Grouchy II wrote>
> Here is a link to Wiki article.  See the 4th 
> bullet point down, under applications.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neodymium

  Ah, Neodymium is a rare earth element.  While
not magnetic in themselves, they are used in
the rare earth magnets as to increase the 
magnetic properties of other substances.  

>>>      Additionally allow a ready scroll to be 
>>> used as a Shield against thrown spells.
>>>      It subtracts 1 from the DX of the attacking
>>> wizard for each point of IQ difference between 
>>> the casting wizard and the IQ of the spell.

>> Are these suggested rules you are introducing ...?

> < shy embarrassed look >
> Eerrr um  yes.

  That would be great!  But I think your rules
have to be organized a bit better.  Write an
essay saying why they are there, when they 
apply and what are the exceptions, etc.  Right
now they are FAR too diffuse for me to nit-pick.
(There are few pleasures in life as great as 
nit-picking rules...  You wouldn't believe what
my wife want to do for fun!)

  Warm regards, Rick.
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