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Re: (TFT) TFT, 2nd edition ?

I liked TFTs talents, but I always thought they were too expensive,
especially for new characters. New characters just couldn't be built
interestingly enough with the starting points allowed. And if they shifted
points from DEX or ST to put into INT so they could get more talents, they
ended up too weak in a fight (whether melee or magic). So when I ran my TFT
campaigns, I used a house rule that allowed talents to be purchased at 50%
of the I.Q. points cost stated in the rulebook. This house rule seemed to

So I'd like to see a 2nd edition of the rules make talents 'less expensive'
to buy.

Just my two cents -


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> Dan,
> What do you mean "a skill-based system instead of an attribute-based one"?
> Doesn't TFT have a good system of talents ?
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