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Re: (TFT) Thoughts on Moria

A new (to me, and AFAIK the list) item for the old thread on mapping Moria. I found an impressive book which I'd never heard of at a used book store:

The Atlas of Middle-earth
by Karen Wynn Fonstad
isbn 0-618-12699-6
(I've got the 6th "revised edition" printing.)

Full of maps of all three eras at various scales ranging from individual buildings and towns to world maps, with various map themes for history, travel distances, terrain, languages, etc.

Moria gets a page of text and a page of four exterior, interior, and plan maps. Only the known paths, tunnels and chambers are mapped for the interior, but it gives a good picture of the layout and the scales involved. No gratuitous lava or D&D nonsense.

Anyway, it's a really smashing book, and would be a great start for anyone wanting to do some Middle-earth based gaming!

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