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Re: (TFT) TFT, 2nd edition ?

Oh, also:

* Tweak pole weapon rules.
Add the "stiking at a polearm" rules from Interplay (IIRC). Perhaps reduce the bonus damage to +1 die, rather than double.

* Tweak weapon abilities
TFT weapon differences are bland. Adding some attack/defense mods per my previous email might be enough, except: Two-handed weapons don't gain enough ability to justify losing a shield, for the most part. Probably all 2-handers should do at least +1 more damage for their min ST.

* Add some but not all improvements from Interplay, Codex, etc.

* Personally, I'd also offer a better experience system with more rules for non-combat improvement of abilities, mundane training, and for combat, a system which takes into account the actual combat ability _relative_ to the awarded character's ability, _including_ talents, magic items, equipment of foes fought (and not necessarily killed or even injured), not just damage done plus DX.
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