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Re: (TFT) TFT, 2nd edition ?

The things that came first to mind:

* Improved HTH rules
Need clarity. Needs to take into account skills and ST and DX more. Needs to be less arbitrary and random. Needs to avoid problems with the engagement rules.

* Improved defense rules
To-hit rolls should include the defensive skill/equipment of the the defender (without the defender having to waste the whole turn defending, or learning UC V). Shields shouldn't add a few points to armor, but should reduce the chance to hit in some way. Similarly, a sword should be easier to parry with than an axe, and be usable this way automatically (e.g., if you have ax/mace, an ready axe adds -1 to your enemy's attempt to hit you in melee from the front; if you have sword, a ready sword adds -2 to enemies' attempts to hit you in melee form the front, etc.). Add defensive effects of DX and higher levels of weapon skill.

* More ST effects
Include ST in damage done with weapons (e.g.: ST 14 with a ST 10 weapon should do more damage than ST 10 with a ST 10 weapon, and less damage than ST 14 with a ST 14 weapon). Probably give ST a bonus to to-hit ability (or reduces enemy defense ability) in an interesting way. Add ST effects in HTH.

* Improve skill system
IQ should be usable to get a picture of how smart someone is, and provide a number to roll against on three dice. So there shouldn't be other mechanics like the skill capacity rules making people want to increase IQ up to 24 so their wizard can know math and wield a sword, etc. As suggested elsewhere, I'd remove the IQ limit on skills and spells, and charge character points for them instead (requiring some adjustments, of course). Then add some levels to basic skills and give those effects too. Axe/Mace III etc.

* Improve hit location rules
I'd add improved optional rules for accidentally and intentionally hitting specific body parts, and add the option to describe mixed armor (iron breastplate over leather protects limbs less than torso, etc).

* Tweak armor
As mentioned above, I would: add damage to weapons based on ST; and have shields reduce chance to-hit and not increase armor; and offer chances to hit unarmored or less-armored areas. Also, TFT armor effects on DX seem extreme and unrealistic, and the protection value seems slightly low, so I'd increase protection and reduce DX penalties. Or keep DX penalties but add talents to reduce those penalties.

* Add death/healing rule options
Personally I liked the "Healing Potion is the only magic healing" aspect of TFT, so I'd list that as an official option, but list others as other options. I think the death rules are severe, but the Interplay Physicker Revival article was too lenient, so I'd offer options there, too. Some (sissy ;->) players don't like their characters to ever really risk death in combat, so don't try to make everyone happy in one rule. I think I'd do something like add a chance for anyone between ST 0 and negative 1 x their ST, to either die immediately as in stock TFT, or possibly live, possibly (optional) with some negative effects. My main recommendation though is that TFT should not lose the real risk and consequences of combat - even combat where your side wins. Healing spells in RPG's too often make it so as long as the healer survives, everyone can be patched up good as new with no real consequences.

* Split ST
Suggestion to optionally be able to design characters with different ST values for different purposes (fatigue capacity, damage absorption capacity, damage inflicting capacity, feats of strength) is a good optional/advanced rule that could use some concrete rules.

* Add more and improve existing GM campaigning rules
Better rules for travel, outdoor survival, weather, disease, loot resale, etc.

* Improve Mounted, Flying, Climbing rules

* Organize rules better and include an index
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