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Thank you for the pleasant welcome.  I am glad to find folks that know what
TFT is.David - I played while I was going to college at Kent State University
(Kent, Ohio) and several summer weekends in Solon, Ohio.  We were a very tight
group and played our own little campaigns/characters.  It was introduced to me
by a fellow who later became my best friend, who is from Cleveland, we had a
guy who was from Ashtabula, one from Solon, one from Bay Village, and we even
had a fellow classmate from Boise Idaho who played with us a few times.  I'm
originally from Coshocton County, Ohio (East-Central and very rural).Rick - I
was attracted to the idea of Traveller, but when I tried to playtest
scenarios, the action just didn't seem to flow correctly.  I really liked
toying around with designing ships, planets, bureaucratic processes,
governments, etc.  but never had the opportunity to play.  I don't think it
was weird, I just think I just got used to a simpler combat system with TFT,
so D&D, Traveller, Car Wars, etc all seemed to move so much slower.  Either
that or I'm just not the brightest bulb in the bunch!I look forward to our
future discussions.-Steve
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