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(TFT) Re: Traveller

Yeah, count me as another Traveller Dabbler. I spent a *lot* of time with the ship design process. One thing that drove me up the wall is that it was possible to build a wonderfully cost-effective fighter out of a stock scout hull - *if* you disregarded the rule about keeping all of the fuel in the engine compartment.
	Got some pleasing (to me, anyway) AFV designs going eventually, too.
Never actually played any of it, except one "Trillion Credit Squadron" game. We chose the "Billion credit squadron" scenario, started from scratch. I designed a beautiful, balanced squadron with escorts, a carrier, fighters, all new from scratch. My opponent designed a couple of rocks - dirt-simple, asteroid-hulled ships with lots of computer and lots of weapons. None of my ships could hit his at all, so I got slaughtered. Very educational.

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