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RE: (TFT) Traveller & TFT

> Funny, I enjoyed Traveller too. 

I'll de-cloak to add my voice here as another long-time Traveller fan.   The
large evident cross-over is probably due to the similarities, both in age and
general mechanics.   Four of Traveller's six incarnations are bell-curve games
like TFT, and people tend to prefer either bell-curve OR flat die games.
While gamers have gotten somewhat more eclectic and accepting over the years,
bell vs flat used to cause bloody flame wars on usenet.

For conversion purposes, you might want to look at the fourth edition of
Traveller, called "Marc Miller's Traveller" (as this was after the death of
and during a spate of hucksterism by the financial backer at the time) but
generally refered to as "T4".   While the supplements varied widely in
quality, the
base rulebook was quite good, and used a similar mechanic to TFT: the
increasing dice with difficulty scale.   While not exactly the same, as it
used a
half-die progression which inflicts some odd bumps in the statistical
progressions, the thought processes are close enough that a TFT conversion
might benefit
from its examination, at least.

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