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(TFT) Trav: Production Values, non-seq.

I guess everyone loved Trav, it was just hard to play!  Just hit me that part
of the pleasure of Traveller was merely sensory: the high production values on
the first booklets. Remember that way way cool black tradedress with a single
line across it?  Every page glossy, slick and heavy, nice sans serif font,
gorgeous graphics...  I think I was too young to understand the impact at the
time.  Gaming's moved beyond that stage now!  CTTOI, the same could be said
for the first hard cover D&D books.

What do you guys think of the "new" GDW shops in the malls?  Each one is a
sort of corporate game group, no?  Every time I walk in, some teenager is
carefully going over the WARHAMMER "x10K" rules with some excited kid while
they play a mini-scenario.  Good marketing technique?
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