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(TFT) Re: Silliness and physics of bullets

TFT Digest wrote:
Subject: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #824

How 'but this I'll take my Brown Bess and you can wear your armor, I shoot you and you will fall down guaranteed.

Irish knockdown with rifles, how ingenious. All I've got is a Garand for the second shot.... The ammo I have is hard ball, I'm not sure if there's any man wearable armor that will stop it ;)

Of course talk to the crazy silhouette shooters how easy it is to knock down 10 pound targets with modern or relatively ancient weapons.

There is one rifle that probably knock a person down and that's the Barret light .50. I believe the quote in Cartridges of the World was 'six rounds rapid fire from this would be like going one round with a heavyweight boxer, oh what fun. Not required for hunting anything on THIS planet.' excepting APCs!!! my comment! It has to be fired from the bipod.

Of course if you load up your Brown Bess with enough charge to need a fork, it would probably do the same thing if it didn't blow up in your face. So would real wall guns.

From: Scott Haley <someotherwag@earthlink.net>
On the TV show "Mythbusters," they took a pig carcass, similar in mass to a person, and hung it on a special hook. The hook was designed so that if the pig moved back even a little, it would fall to the ground. They shot it with pistols--it didn't get thrown back at all. Shotguns--nothing. Rifles--nothing. The way that a gun makes its target fly backwards in action films does not happen in real life.

How can I say your wrong when you are right? Shot placement is what kills immediately, of course in the 'good' old days shock and infection would usually take care of the wounded.

Jim Eckman
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