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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #825

A dead pig does not suffer from kinesthetic shock and for 8-9 case that  say no you can find the same or more that say yes.  Compare a .45  caliber v. a 9mm and most soldiers stated they like the .45 for it's  stopping power.  I'm talking about medieval to Renaissance weapon  whose caliber varied from .45-.75.   Nuff said.  Believe  what you want to believe,
  Yours in Cidri,
  P.S.  I'm sorry for my last post as I messed up when I accidently  (digests do that) pasted too much of the other fellows post I was  replying too!

> One doesn't have to be a physicist to figure out that bullets don't  
> knock people over, shock or surprise do. Just read police reports,  
> there's many cases of people being shot multiple times and who  
> continue to advance. I checked Google for the one case I know  
> about, but its too old. The guy was shot 8 or 9 times in the chest  
> and kept advancing on the officers. He had to be subdued with  
> nightsticks.

On the TV show "Mythbusters," they took a pig carcass, similar in  
mass to a person, and hung it on a special hook.  The hook was  
designed so that if the pig moved back even a little, it would fall  
to the ground.  They shot it with pistols--it didn't get thrown back  
at all.  Shotguns--nothing.  Rifles--nothing.  The way that a gun  
makes its target fly backwards in action films does not happen in  
real life.

- --Scott

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