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Re: (TFT) Gunpowder/SciFi TFT campaigns

From: "Chris Nicole" <chris_nicole@operamail.com>

Once we ran the Fighting Fantasy gamebook 'Freeway Fighter' using modernised TFT for man to mutant combat combined with Car Wars for vehicle combat.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Our main issues with TFT were that the skills and combat were not a good match for modern quasi-realistic games. One the other hand games don't have to be realistic to be fun. The one group was pretty hardcore SF to the point where many of them didn't read fantasy!

I did.  I found that I was happiest when I
switched the combat turns to one second to
allow the higher rates of fire.

It worked well enough to run a couple Science
Fiction campaigns with.

Did you change the skills list any?

From: pvk@oz.net
You mean, so rate of fire is one or just a few shots per turn, instead of
emptying an entire submachinegun clip in one five-second turn on full
auto? Makes sense. (BTW, GURPS does this, so if you want to do it in TFT,
you can also look at GURPS source books like GURPS High Tech or GURPS
Traveller or GURPS WW2 or whatever, and get good data on guns etc. at a
one-second scale.)

I think GURPS tried to hard to be universal. This makes it universally bad... I admit to only playing the first edition and that there were improvements made in later releases from what I've heard.

I played the basic Traveller, and its firearms and combat rules were
pretty primitive though not as bad as something from TSR

ROTFL! TSR has never really done any good games, just great game kits! I think every group I ever played with had its own major set of house rules. The Caltech boys even rewrote it and published their version as Warlock.

Jim Eckman
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