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Re: (TFT) Line of Sight

Nice.  What about a target's 'signature' minus an environmental 'mask', so for instance a human is 'sig 1', an ogre 'sig 3' (going with hexes for now).  And a light woods might be 'mask 1'.  So if a basic 'spot roll' is say 5d, it's 5d to spot the human and 3d to spot the ogre in light woods.  Moving, talking, fighting, being on fire... all add to sig.

If you want degrees of success, then a basic success (by up to 4?) will tell you visually _where_ it is, but lack enough detail to tell you exactly _what_.  If working on an auditory sig, then you learn _that_ it exists on it basic success, and only _where_ as the success improves.  Knowing _what_ it is from auditory sig is a different matter.

I think ITL had a table of how far sounds carry, that's one place to look for inspiration.

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But lets see if we can tackle this in another way:
Let's say that the unaided eye of a human can discern a human size
object at a distance of 5K on a flat plain.  Then you can start dividing
this distance by the roughness of the terrain that you are in: plains
might have a roughness factor of 1.1 ... rolling hills, 1.3 on up to 
rugged mountains at 10.0.  Throw in vegetation on top of that and 
I think you might have a decent first cut at a general LOS model.
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