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Re: (TFT) Line of Sight

> ay-yi-yi ... you'd have to be sure to factor in the prevailing vegetation
> height and the height of your sensor as well.  And just because you
> have line-of-sight doesn't mean that you'd be able to discern things
> at that distance.  And if you're talking about discerning, the size of
> the object you're looking at (as well as its apparent contrast) is an
> issue as well.
> I'm sure there are some studies which will can provide some hard numbers
to your question but I'm not sure I can provide them to
> you in this forum.

It's also highly dependant on what is being seen, and what training the
observer has. Case in point, I used to work on air traffic control
simulations for training. Some of the tower ATC guys could identify, by
naked eye, various types of aircraft at 10-15 miles. We had to cheat
distance in our systems, though, because at the time, showing an aircraft at
true perspective would have made it 4 pixels or so.

Neil Gilmore
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