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Re: (TFT) Line of Sight

Yeah, you're right again.  70 feet for DD3.5e seems reasonable (even the
minimum of 20 feet seems reasonable in some types of heavy jungle or bad
circumstances), but 250 feet on the plains is patently silly.

When I moved back east for a year or two, we kept getting lost on the highway
because I couldn't see the exit, much less the destination, coming up.  No
joke, and I'm not actually a complete idiot, either!  Out here, we get in the
habit of saying, "Oh look, there's the mall.  We'll be to the exit in another
couple of minutes!"  LOS of 200 yard to 2 miles or so to a big box or the
like.  Back east, there's a backdrop of trees on the side of road


Maybe SNIPER manuals would tell this more accurately than regular army?

I wonder if biologists track LOS when they study an environment?


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  > The variety of terrain types available just on Earth, let alone Cidri,
  > could
  > be let the GM or military scenario designer get away with almost anything,
  > I'm
  > afraid.  Here in Colorado, we have grasslands which functionally offer an
  > LOS
  > of about 5 meters to someone lying down, but which would show that same
  > person
  > at that 5 km range very clearly if they just stood up.  But up in the
  > Rockies,
  > the evergreen forest tends to have a virtually desert underlayer with no
  > brush, no grass, no dead vegetation even: you look around and you can see
  > right through the trunks of the trees for 1/2 km or more, but if you climb
  > rocky knob and look at the vista, you see nothing but impermeable green
  > tops.  Out west and south, we've got that scrubby "tumbleweed desert".  A
  > man
  > sitting still behind a bush would be invisible at 1/2 km but moving
  > you can see him at 5 km again.  And so on...

  I was afraid it would be something like that, but I was hoping for some
  halfway-decent hard numbers (e.g. from an old army manual or some such).

  What prompted my request was my working on rules for hiding, chases, etc.
  plus a look at the D&D 3.5e rules for terrain - in particular the maximum
  distances for "detecting the nearby presence of others" in that system. The
  edition of D&D give what strike me as very short distances: 2d6x10 *feet* in
  heavy forest to 6d6x40 *feet* on the open plains. (I might buy the heavy
  distances, but ~250 meters *maximum* spotting on an average roll on the open

  Anyway, I'd prefer not to crib from other games, whether D&D or Squad
  but to use "real world" distances (if such exist) and then mangle them for
  playability while knowing just how unrealistic I'm being. I also expected
  I'd have to make some pretty drastic simplifications, but I figured that if
  could get the median distances sorta-kinda right, for walking man-sized
  who aren't particularly trying to hide, the rest would follow.

  Erol K. Bayburt
  Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow
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