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Re: (TFT) Online Melee -- Digression

Mapping Digression:  Would it be possible to make a **tiny**  .jpg or
something to show off "square megahexes"??

If you're like me (shudder), you probably wish that TFT megahexes could be
mapped onto plain old Cartesian graph paper.  Frankly, very few villages, evil
dungeons, buildings, cities, ancient temples, dark fortresses and the like are
actually built on a hexagon planform!!  The village of Brandywine at the back
of ITL has always looked a bit odd to me...  So I figured out how to
checker-board together normal 7 hex megahexes with concave 8 hex megahexes in
order to make 90 degree angles everywhere *and* still have a hex grid *and*
megahexes marked on it.

Personally, I like megahexes a lot: the map does the mathematical work instead
of the player who is shooting his cross bow or launching the fireball.  This
way I get square buildings, a hex grid, and megahexes all at once.

Oh great master of the list, I beg an exemption might be granted for a tiny
image?   And if not, I'll post it some place some time, not a big deal!  :)

Hmm, I've never put one into the computer and my hand drawn ones look
terrible.  Well, if anyone cares I'll put a tidy  and tiny one together quick
and save it as a .jpg.   Let me know!

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