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Re: (TFT) Online Melee

Hi folks,

Firstly, hello to all!

I've lurked on the list for a good while now - a nostalgia trip mostly, no time to play TFT or anything else much these days - but I thought I'd chip in here with something which Steve, Lloyd et al may find useful, and which others may find interesting.

Several years back when I got to grips with Java Swing I thought "right, I'm finally going to write that hex map game board program I've always wanted to" - so I did. You can see an early applet version here http://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/~rmb/HexMap.html .

The most recent version is a stand-alone Java application geared up for GURPS; it allows you to draw tactical hex maps with various colours an textures, add "figures" (these are just plain counters with the TFT Old English gothic font, included in the package :-)) and use it as you would a tabletop map, playing out tactical combats. It doesn't have game functionality in it - it's purely a tactical map tool - although there's a status window of all combat figures available which keeps track of wounds etc in a GURPSy way. Adding game functionality was next on my list, but, well, you know how it is :-).

Anyhow, there's an executable jar at http://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/~rmb/gamemap.jar and a full zip including source at http://www.epcc.ed.ac.uk/~rmb/gamemap.zip - about 350k each. The code is not great - needs a good refactor - but has reasonable commentary. It's provided as is, no licence, no warranty.

If anyone finds it useful, feel free to drop me a line!


  "The more I see, the more I know; the more I know, the less I understand..."
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