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(TFT) Square megahexes Or at least hexes another take

You can also get nice straight lines by using "square hexes"  or at 
least offset sqares.  Think of a brick layout, but in squares.  

You get a hex-map effect with each hex being a square.  It makes 
mapping straight lines real easy, though there are alot of 1/2 hexes 
(squares) included.  But by adopting the lists "crowded hex" rule for 
those the problem is minimized.  Also movement works just like real 

There is a downside though. FACING.  A figure still has 3 front hexes 
(squares) and 2 sides and a rear, but they are not aligned with the 
sides of his hex (since it is a square and therefore has 4 sides not 
six) so a figure's facing is determined by the hex he faces (his fron 
hex).  It takes a little getting used to.

Also, I have never marked megahexeson it, but then I also don't mark 
them on hex paper, I just use the old 3 hexes to a megahex 
approximation for straight line measurig, and measure out area effects 
from the center as needed.

Since I may not be describing it well, here are two sites with 
downloadable pdfs that I have found useful:

Hero games has a zip file of hexmaps, both square and hexagonal, about 
10 links down the page


And here is a site that has all sorts of slightly customizable 
downloadable paper forms, graph paper, hex, music paper, handwriting 
paper (I printed out a bunch for my son when he was learning cursive) 
etc.  Brick pattern is about 14 offeringsdown.




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