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(TFT) Flying combat

We were experimenting with flying creatures attacking ground creatures with javelins. The rules indicate that the person on the ground has a -4 when attacking a flying creature. It also says that when flying creatures attacks another flier, they too have a -4 DX penalty.

What I can't find is the following:

1. When a flying creature attacks a figure on the ground when unengaged (ie missile, thrown or pole weapon) does the flying creature get a -4 DX adjustment as well?

2. If the flying creature and the creature on the ground are engaged, does either get a -4DX?

We figured that the flying creature would also have a -4DX adjustment when unengaged but weren't sure about if they were engaged. Additionally, if the flying creature is throwing a javeling the negative adjustments make it very difficult to hit the enemy with any consistency. One argument for not requiring the flier to have a -4 against a ground enemy is that 1) it's not in the rules and 2)they would be more proficient at this type of combat. Against this position was the fact that when a flier fights a flier, they too get the -4DX penalty. Why should there be a difference? Also, when fliers fight fliers, the combat effectiveness/ineffectiveness is somewhat relative.

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