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Re: (TFT) 5 hits or more

Todd Roseberry <paleryder1@verizon.net> wrote: AM says that if you receive 5 or more hits in a single turn that you are -2DX
for the next turn only. How do you play this? If I'm hit before my turn is my
action in that turn considere my "next" turn, and then the follow turn I'm
"normal"? Alternatively, if I'm hit before my turn, is my next action and the
action in the follow turn at -2DX? Thanks.

In my Melee simulator, I think I coded this as -2DX from the point at which the 5 hits are taken to the end of the NEXT turn. I used the same rationale as being knocked down, in that it affects your attack that round (if you haven't attacked yet), as per basic Melee rules.

Reactions to injury

A figure that takes 5 or more hits in one turn has its DX adjusted -2 for the NEXT turn (only).

But I see your point - the "only" is what makes this ambiguous. I interpret ONLY as meaning temporarily, in that you can recover from the -2 dex after one round. 

Logically, I'd say the 5 hits should spoil your attack on the same round if you haven't made it yet. It's all about who goes first and DEX being important. Life can suck if you always attack last.

Interestingly, I tried to see if such a scenario was covered in the sample combat texts in both Melee and AM. In both cases where dex is reduced by 2 from 5+ hits in injury, it occurs after the figure has already attacked in that round. There was only one case where it wasn't true: TURN 6. of basic Melee:

TURN 6. Wulfs DX is -2 this turn, because of the injury last turn, so his adjDX is 8 -- the same as Flavius'. They roll to see who strikes first; Wulf wins. He rolls a 4, which is a hit with double damage. His sword is a 3 - 1 weapon; he rolls 3 dice, and gets a 6. 6 minus 1 is 5, which is doubled: 10 hits on Flavius. The armor and shield take 5; Flavius takes the other 5. Now he, too, is badly hurt.

How come Flavius never attacks in Turn 6? This would have answered the question about the dex effect :-)

There's one last point, which doesn't clearly answer the question, in basic Wizard's DX Adjustment Table: "You took 5 or more hits last turn, NOT counting ST drain from casting spells  -2 DX"

It seems to imply it's only the turn after you take the hits, else it should say "You took 5 or more hits /this or last/ turn, ..."

Definitely seems like a house rule is needed to clear this up.

Did anyone else notice that the combat scenario in Advanced Melee actually shows that the Troll's attack gets delayed because he's striking at a blurred figure (p.28, Turn 5)? This seems to contradict my understanding of dex adjustments and attacking order.

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