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Re: (TFT) 5 hits or more

Thanks, Cris. Many good points. I recall that years ago we read the "only" to mean "temporary" as you pointed out. However, this time around it didn't strike me as that obvious. I think that I noticed the melee example gaffe in the past and asked the same question about Flavius. The connection with the Wizard version never hit me but it doesn't clear things up, does it?

I recall that we always played that the negative DX adjustment took affect the turn it happened as well as the following (next) turn. It might be a different call if combat actions and effects were simultatneous, but since AM states that there are no simultaneous actions it seems okay.

It looks like Rick plays it the same way. I'd love to hear an argument for the -DX not taking effect in the immediate turn. Thanks Cris and Rick.



But I see your point - the "only" is what makes this ambiguous. I interpret ONLY as meaning temporarily, in that you can recover from the -2 dex after one round.

Logically, I'd say the 5 hits should spoil your attack on the same round if you haven't made it yet. It's all about who goes first and DEX being important. Life can suck if you always attack last.
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