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Re: (TFT) 3 pairs of sub-attributes. Been done before? --> Superscripts.


With respect to weaknesses regarding three attributes, you've pointed
them out pretty well. Here's a pretty decent (modern) review of TFT I
found, while trying to find some links to alternate attributes:


There were also a few problems with the system itself. Both hits and
fatigue are marked off from ST (GURPS wisely added a fourth ability,
HT, to correct this problem.) Counting talents and spells against IQ
makes jack-of-all-trades characters difficult and encourages players
to put all their earned experience into IQ, raising it to
ridiculously-high levels.

At the very least, adding a fatigue (HT) attribute will solve the
Conan-the-spell-caster syndrome. A knowledge attribute makes up for
more skills without having to become Einstein. 

I played this way in the 80s with some regular TFT gamers. The rules
we followed were based on some guidelines published in a magazine at
the time, which included how to convert 3-stat chars into the 5-stat
version. I don't recall dealing with the 6th stat. 

Many of us were D&D/Champions/Gammaworld regulars at the time and
were quite happy with the realism and combat strategy of TFT. The +4
backstab and the double/triple damage were nice pluses to combat
scenarios, but the role playing based on the talents was a lot of
fun, too. Good luck pitching TFT tomorrow.


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