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Re: (TFT) More on 8 hits - FMS table weirdness

No, for at least three reasons:

1) Nine minus five is four, not three.
2) The -2 DX penalty for taking 5 or more hits in one turn is cumulative
with the -3 DX penalty for being reduced to ST 3 or less.
3) The only bit of that row of the table that might make any sense,
implies that a ST 9 character would NOT fall unconscious at ST 1.


On Tue, November 14, 2006 3:27 pm, Lloyd Weber wrote:
> Isn't this is true simply because a ST 9 creature that takes 5 hits is now
> down to ST 3 (auto DX penalty?), and the same creature taking 8 hits would
> be
> unconscious.
> Lloyd
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