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(TFT) D&D Backstab (was Ogre PC)

How prophetic. I'm dealing with the "backstabbing" issue as I write!

I've offered up to extend dagger marksmanship to allow backstabbing. Here it is:

(expansion of "Dagger Marksmanship" Advanced Melee page 21). No cost. Anyone can do it.that can do it, that is.

This represents the skill of placing the knife skillfully into the enemy by avoiding armor protection and destroying vital organs or arteries thereby usually causing immediate death.

Can be executed from an opponent's rear hex in regular combat or after pinning a foe in HTH combat. If in regular combat, attacker cannot be engaged by another figure and perform the backstab; he must be free to move about. He may execute the "backstab" regardless of how he got in the rear hex, either by regular movement, stealth or acrobatics.

This attack can be done only with a knife and the attacker cannot have anything else in either hand. While in the rear-hex the attacker declares "backstab" and rolls to hit at -6DX (remember, you get +4 for being in the rear hex and +2 for being in the side hex).

If attempted in HTH, the attacker must first pin the opponent. The next turn, if the attacker has a knife drawn, may attack at -6 in HTH. If he does not have a knife, he may attempt to draw one. If he attempts to draw a dagger after pinning his enemy, then he makes a 4d6 DX roll to accomplish this due to the fact that he's actively pinning someone; if he was just in HTH and had yet to pin the enemy then it's a 3d6 DX check. In neither case does he get the +4DX adjustment for HTH when attempting to draw a dagger. When attempting the backstab in HTH after pinning the enemy, the attacker DOES NOT get the +4 in HTH combat that he would normally get for an attack with a dagger. The reasoning is that he is expending some energy, effort and focus on keeping the enemy pinned while attempting to employ the knife. It's more difficult to puncture the subclavian artery while you're continuing to hold the enemy in submission.

If you hit, you do DOUBLE DAMAGE and armor does not stop. Stone Flesh, Iron Flesh or natural armor will stop hits. Regular daggers, therefore will do 2-2 damage. Since this is consistent with the dagger marksmanship, I don't feel like a heretic. The only part I'm not sure about is denying the +4 modifier in HTH.

Any thoughts?

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TFT is not a combat patch on D&D. Especially when the GM is going to 'use D&D the rest of the game'.

You will find some player will insist you fulfill the promise of some D&D 'ism', which TFT will not support.

"But Magic Missle always hits!"  "But I'm backstabbing!"  or other such.

I wish you the best of luck, but you would be well advised to get the GM to allow you input on what sort of items and powers 'the rest of the game' might inject into the TFT combat.
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