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Re: (TFT) Ogre PC

Enough with the evangalism. TFT is not Holy Writ - it's a game system, and as 
such it may or may not be the "right tool for the job" depending on the 
particular nature of job at hand. It has both advantages and drawbacks, and whether 
the advantages outweigh the drawbacks depends both on the tastes of the 
players and the style of the particular campaign they want to run. For some types 
of games, it's great; for others it sucks mountain ranges through a soda straw. 

Likewise D&D is not some Evil Insane Lovecraftian cult. It also is a game 
system, and as such may or may not be the "right tool" for a given job. It has a 
different set of advantages and drawbacks from TFT, and whether its a "better" 
or "worse" system depends on the tastes of the players and the type of 
campaign being run.

Yes, D&D does have certain D&Disms. But TFT has certain Steve-Jacksonisms 
which in some cases I find just as annoying. ("The game world  was created by 
universe-hopping mnoren." "lycanothropy and vampirsm are infectious diseases" 
Hell no, not in *my* campaign.)

In a message dated 11/14/2006 10:18:52 PM Central Standard Time, 
paleryder1@verizon.net writes:

> You're not the first to suggest that. I offered to "baptize" them and free 
> them from the burden and slavery they have suffered under for years. It 
> seems that the "pod people", or at least the Wizards of the Coast, got them.
> They're good guys, although the other night they seemed like a bunch of old 
> ladies. :-) They really want to streamline the combat but they are hooked on 
> the detail and complexity of D&D character creation with all the bells and 
> whistles. Thanks.
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