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Re: (TFT) Ogre PC

I played in a Runequest game back in college, and I have a lot of Runequest 
material. It was an interesting campaign, and is an interesting game, but you 
do have to take the game world of Glorantha as it is. 

On the plus side, it had *skills* by the gods! And having magic be 
ultra-common but not very powerful was a major coolness factor for me. 

On the minus side, the parrying and  hit location rules really slowed combat 
down, much more than one might expect, and the training/advancement system 
could produce some odd results. 

And as I mentioned you did have to take the bronze-age fantasy setting for 
what it was. Runequest was good for what it did, but very difficult to adapt to 
other kinds of game worlds, despite some heroic attempts to do so. 

Although one thing I stole from Runequest for my own TFT game was the idea of 
"cavalry-trained" mounts - mounts trained not to panic in combat, but without 
the extra training to *fight* in combat that makes full-out warhorses so 
desireable (and so bad-tempered). 

BTW I'm in northeast IL, in the far northern suburbs of Chicagoland. So not 
quite local to you, unfortunately. 

In a message dated 11/15/2006 12:05:47 AM Central Standard Time, 
paleryder1@verizon.net writes:

> Foolish, brave, who knows? I remembe when Runequest was out. I always 
> wanted 
> to try it. Never got the chance. I'm in central Illinois. I don't get much 
> chance to game these days. I have a wife and three kids. I try to spend some 
> time painting figures for my miniature battles. Once in a while I get a 
> couple of weekends to join in the D&D game.
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