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Re: (TFT) Ogre PC -- no clerics in TFT

Longtime readers of this list might remember Maera Devaine, the closest thing to a cleric I've seen in TFT.

She's a Witch, and names her Lady 'Deanne'.  Maera and her sister witches credit Deanne for the inspiration of their 'gifts'.  That they spend as long in their devotional meditations as a wizard spends in study and research is a bit of math only a GM would do.  To them, their powers are proof of their Lady's largess.  Whether such is Truth (capital T) is a sum only a GM can do.

Maera lacks the Priest talent.  She would say, "Ah'm no preacher, no shepherd.  I walk a path, and try per'aps t'leave a trail behind.  Or better still, to walk with another in hand."

Which is more devotion than I've heard from some D&D clerics.

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I've explained to them about the "clerical" situation in TFT. It hasn't been 
a problem because TFT isn't replacing their regular rules. I'm sort of glad 
that there is no cleric like "class" ala D&D in TFT.
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