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Re: (TFT) D&D Backstab (was Ogre PC)

Reading your backstab rule, my inner D&D munchkin whined, "but backstab is at +4, not minus anything!"

Ignore the whelp.

Maybe classes are your answer.  Give any 'class' 4 skill points.  Add a skill called 'vitals shot', make it cost 4 points....

No, that won't work, you're not balancing a whole world, just a combat overlay.  Argh.

OK, maybe fighters are the only ones who get all the sweeping blow, polearm charge, and other cool mechanical bits, while 'rogues' get +4 on called shots from behind, and spellcasters get +4 'DX' for casting?

BTW, my handle here used to be "prophesor"  :)

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How prophetic. I'm dealing with the "backstabbing" issue as I write!
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