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Re: (TFT) D&D Backstab (was Ogre PC)

--- Ed Thorn <prophesor@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Reading your backstab rule, my inner D&D munchkin whined, "but
> backstab is at +4, not minus anything!"

The "minus" mention in your message got me thinking (a dangerous
thing?). Backstabs can yield up to x5 damage in AD&D depending on a
thief's level, right? But I don't recall if it's limited to daggers
only. The following proposal would probably not be balanced if big
weapons can be used:

Talent(s): Backstab (I, II, III?). Pre-requisite Silent Movement.

When a backstab is attempted, a -X (depending on the talent level?)
adjustment is made to the to-hit die roll. The adjusted roll is then
considered for double/triple damage rules, i.e., 4 = double and 3 (or
less) = triple. If the roll is 4 (before adjustment) it's 4x damage
and a 3 (before adjustment) would be 5x damage. 

Assuming -X is -6, here's a table of results:

Roll        adjRoll        x Damage
11             5             1
10             4             2
 9             3             3
 8             2             3
 7             1             3
 6             0             3
 5            -1             3
 4            -2             4
 3            -3             5

The tweaking of this for balance could be in determining the
backstabbing conditions (moving silently, attack in rear hex if
figure is awake), the -X / talent level and possibly limiting the max
Damage multiplier / talent level (e.g., Backstab I might be limited
to max 3x damage, but this is possibly not needed depending on the
-X, since x5 would still be pretty rare). 

This adjusting is similar to how the Fencing talent works (2x damage
on unadjusted rolls, see Fencing). As with Fencing, possibly the
adjDex needs to have a min requirement for backstabbing. Since silent
movement requires no more than Leather armor, this is consistent.

As for damage, victim's armor points apply against damage but shield
does not.

Backstab is not a guaranteed hit, since the rules for critical
misses, i.e., 18, 17, 16 (all non adjusted) still apply.

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