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Re: (TFT) Rules bloat (was We've lost another one...)

--- paleryder1@verizon.net wrote:

> I had a much easier time converting the old AD&D characters to TFT.
> When I recently tried to convert the 2nd ed./Players' Choice stuff
> to TFT, I found it much more difficult. These later editions of D&D
> start characters out with an enormous amount of skills and
> proficiencies (class, race, otherwise) and spells. 

This is typical bloat that occurs when marketing people get involved
in trying to sell version N+1 of a product, even if 90% of the
customers are satisfied with version N. You can't make any more money
off those who have already bought in, so you have to push them to

Similar trends exist with the Office suite of software over the past
10 years, the giant cars that still get crappy gas mileage despite
gas prices being high (but which have each year redesigned
dashboards, GPS systems, LCD screens and clear-coat finishes), etc.
People buy things more for reasons other than simplicity, economy or

Metagaming going bankrupt was a blessing in disguise for TFT. No
offense to GURPS or AD&D fans, but those rule sets are definitely
SUVs compared to TFT. Bloat is what allows companies to to survive in
a mass-consumption economy.

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