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Re: (TFT) Rules bloat (was We've lost another one...)

In a message dated 11/15/2006 4:08:10 PM Central Standard Time, 
fuhrman8or@yahoo.com writes:

> --- paleryder1@verizon.net wrote:
> > I had a much easier time converting the old AD&D characters to TFT.
> > When I recently tried to convert the 2nd ed./Players' Choice stuff
> > to TFT, I found it much more difficult. These later editions of D&D
> > start characters out with an enormous amount of skills and
> > proficiencies (class, race, otherwise) and spells. 
> This is typical bloat that occurs when marketing people get involved
> in trying to sell version N+1 of a product, even if 90% of the
> customers are satisfied with version N. You can't make any more money
> off those who have already bought in, so you have to push them to
> upgrade. 

You can ignore me because I'm just one of those sub-human Pod People, but I 
consider 3rd and 3.5 ed D&D to be enormously superior to the earlier editions. 
So much so that I'll cheerfully play & run 3.x games, but I won't run earlier 
editions at all. (If offered a chance to be a player in an earlier-edition 
game, I might accept if nothing else is available, but I'll do my best to 
convince the DM to switch to 3.x. Not marketing, just a game I happen to like heaps 

Erol K. Bayburt
Pod Person
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