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Re: (TFT) Re: engagement

On Tue, November 21, 2006 2:47 pm, Craig W. Barber wrote:
> Which implies that the "mad weasel" defense wouldn't ever work in GURPS
> either.  Anyone ever tried it?

Sure, it was one of the first kinds of tactics I tried when Man to Man
(the GURPS equivalent of Melee) first came out (circa 1985), and remained
one of my favorite, to different degrees depending on the character.

However, the thing that makes a lightly armored, highly agile fighter
viable in GURPS isn't only that no one ever gets a chance to attack them
because they're too fast to be engaged. Lack of engagement is important,
because you can avoid getting stuck and ganged up upon. But what really
makes it work in GURPS are the skill-based active defenses to avoid being
hit (which tend to be higher with less encumbrance), Wait maneuver,
Retreat defense and other abilities that can improve defense, such as
Acrobatics and some combat skills.

So you carefully move so as to avoid getting ganged up upon or trapped,
and then rely on high defenses to be able to parry and dodge the attacks
that you do receive.

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