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(TFT) Melee/Wizard Counters/Maps For Download

Greetings, all!

For our local group, I did some counters and some maps to use. They are oversized counters (and oversized maps to go with them).

I had the nutty idea to make hexagonal counters, to go on hex maps. This took way too much time, and if there's enough interest in the counters, I can make some square ones.

The hex counters, however, look GREAT once you they are finished. I do them on a thick stock illustration board, to give them some weight and durability.

Warning: The art on the counters is taken from various places on the Internet, so I don't claim ownership to them, nor am I trying to infringe upon anyone's copyright by sharing these.

I am sharing them here because it's a pretty small group.

I hope you guys like them. The links won't last forever, so get 'em while they're hot. I have much higher resolution versions, but they are also much larger files.

Feedback is welcome.

The counters (which replicate the counter mix from Wizard)....

The Maps...


David Jackson
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