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Re: (TFT) HTH initiation during movement is not so easy...

I think "back to the wall" makes sense, but that it doesn't mean "blocked
rear hex", but rather, if the target has no way to get away from the
attacker because he has nowhere to evade to. I would define it as all
three of the defender's hexes opposite the HTH attacker. Then it seems to
me that it makes as much sense as the speed condition (the defender can't
get away).

Maybe I'm mis-remembering my TFT details, but it seems to me the speed
condition doesn't (or shouldn't) mean a polearm user can't use his polearm
before the HTH attempt takes place.

I think a major reason many of us would like better HTH engagement rules
is that they are so random and take so little of the character's stats
into account, and that it can be easy therefore for an otherwise strong
figure to get mobbed by even ST6 DX 6 hobgoblins, and also that they then
can get stuck there.

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