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Re: (TFT) First attacks in HTH

On Fri, November 24, 2006 11:15 am, Lloyd Weber wrote:
>   One thing I find very strange is that running around behind someone to
> attack them with a melee weapon would give the defender a chance to turn
> around (assuming they had not moved yet) and even switch to the Defend
> option. But, if you run around behind them for HTH then they can't turn
> around and defend? Makes little sense...

I agree completely, and think that alone is a good reason to consider
making HTH initiation into an action only, and not let it take place
during the movement phase. I think AM is unclear as written, but can be
interpreted this way without bending it more than it takes to bend it the
other way. The counter-argument I see though is the original Melee rules
(see * below), but I'd still tend to play it as an action only for the
reason you mention.

>   1) Do the restrictions for HTH apply when the attacker is engaged and
> shifting into HTH? I.E. can you only shift into HTH if (a) enemy's back
> is against wall, or is kneeling or prone, or (b) enemy has lower MA, or
> (c) attacker comes from rear, or (d) defender agrees to HTH?

Yes, I don't see any indication to the contrary. The HTH rules in all
editions list those restrictions as the first thing they say, and only in
a later paragraph do they mention differences between engaged and
unengaged figures, and then only for sequence, not for conditions.

>   2) If initiating HTH is an attack, how can it happen during the movement
> phase?

Having looked at three editions of Melee now, I think that sentence was
there mainly to show that it can only be done if you move 1/2 MA or less.

>   I am wondering if it wouldn't make more sense to say that initiating HTH
> always happens at adj DX order, after the movement phase is over, and
> that you can't even initiate HTH (by shifting) unless one of the
> conditions (a) - (d) above is met? But this does not quite seem to fit
> the spirit of Basic or Advanced Melee rules since the rules clearly say
> that you can move into HTH during the movement phase.

I think that does make the most sense, and offers the best balance.

* By the way, I found my first Melee rulebook, and see some differences
with the McLimore/H.Thompson "Revised" printing.  Importantly:
1) It says "rear" (like AM) not "side or rear" (the HT revised edition). I
like the original/AM "rear, not side" restriction better.
2) It makes it clear that HTH can only be initiated when moving 1/2 MA or
less (unlike the HT revised edition).

I note too that even if you allow HTH initiation during movement, it would
logically require an extra movement point to get into the target's hex, so
the range is down to 1/2 MA, including the target hex, and without
entering an enemy front hex, which is getting harder to do. However I
think in any case it works best to make it only be an action done in DX
order after all movement, for the reasons we've been over a few times now.

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