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Re: (TFT) First attacks in HTH

-- Christopher Fuhrman <fuhrman8or@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Of course if you are faster (higher MA) than the other guy you 
> can always enter HTH without getting behind him.

Interesting. So you played where HTH initiation by a disengaged
figure by way of the front hexes does not require stopping in the
front hex because of engagement rules?

Sorry. I appear to have been unclear.  Once you enter a figure's front 
hexes (assuming they can threaten you, and represent >1/3 of your 
hexes) you are engaged and your movement stops.  

Engagement is a core element of TFT, so then you would need to wait 
until your action to attempt to initiate HTH. To do it during movement 
(before higher DX types get their attacks), you must start disengaged 
and not become engaged as you move onto your victim (using not more 
than 1/2 of your MA in the process).  Most of the HTH I recall was 
entered as an action taken in Dx order.

When I discussed getting behind vs higher MA, I was refering to the 
requirements to enter HTH, and sugesting that if in order to get the 
"from behind" option you are fast enough to run around behind and onto 
your opponent with only 1/2 of your MA, then you probably could just 
qualify under the "higher MA" option - since you are probably an 
unarmored elf with running (MA 14).  


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