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Re: (TFT) First attacks in HTH

-- Lloyd Weber <laweber3@yahoo.com> wrote:---------------
As I
read the Advanced Melee HTH rules again (on pg. 15) I still need 
on one thing. Do the conditions to enter HTH, a - d, apply only to 
attackers, or to engaged attackers also? Here are the first four 
paragraphs of
the rules, what do you think?

I always figured the requirementsto enter HTH were to enter during 
regular movement for disengaged figures (preserving their option to 
attack in HTH once initiated), and that engaged figures initiated HTH 
as their attack (in DX order) so that they essentially trade their 
chance to strike in HTH for the waiver of the entry requirements.  It 
all seemed to make a certain kharmic game balance sense to me.

But, now as I read the rules excerpt you post, I think I may have 
overcomplicated it a bit, since SHIFTs by engaged figures happen during 
their movement, and the HTH defense roll also happens during movement, 
it would appear that all of the rules apply and that HTH initiation and 
defense always takes place during movement. 

I am sure I read you could enter HTH as an attack too, maybe I just 
read it wrong.


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