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Re: (TFT) Magical Tattoos for TFT

I like the idea of a tattoo that makes you a better unarmed combatant and acts like a weapon enchantment. A wise martial artist would put his martial tattoos on a protected spot like his inner thigh, and maybe have flashy non-magical tattoos out in plain sight for his enemies to attack.

This sentence relates to a question I had about obedience tattoos, but it's garbled: "If obeying the command would be immediately fatal, or if the command requires obedience continued obedience after leaving the command- giver's presence,
then the bearer gets a second roll vs IQ."  Please clarify.

In old issue of "White Dwarf" magazine, they described the nemesis tattoo. It's a tattoo of a venomous snake. If the tattoo's wearer is killed by violence, the tattoo becomes a real snake and bites his killer.

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