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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest -Gladiators, Gladiators!

I've thought about a TFT campaign in which the player characters are gladiators. I would be great to use the historical weapons and armor, but there are problems. One is the weird stuff about armor on just one limb, but it sounds like that can be handled. The other is that players will want a character with high strength to wield a big weapon, and the historic gladiators don't do that. It might be more fun for my players if I let them use whatever hand to hand weapons and armor they want.

I read that the Roman gladiators usually survived their fights. I think that the way to simulate that would be to modify the "practice combat" rules from the basic Melee book: that a player can't fight on when his strength is 3 or less, and that characters who are knocked out that way can't be attacked. You only die if someone hits you so hard that you're taken from above 3 hit points down to zero, hard to do if the target is wearing armor. The practice combat rules also say that weapons are blunted and do half damage, but I don't think that's appropriate for the arena.

If a gladiator is killed, the manager of the gladiator who killed him may have to pay a fee. That's one reason why killing was discouraged. If the crowd's in a bad mood though, the officials may decide to please them by ordering a gladiator to actually kill his opponent.

--Scott =====
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