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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest -Gladiators, Gladiators!

> This also brings up the subject of mixed armor; i.e., wearing 
> different types of armor on different parts of the body. Here I 
> averaged out the armor protection, but I'm not satisfied with 
> this. I would love to do the armor + hit  system as per Rune-
> quest (a hit is rolled to hit a certain part of the body and 
> each part of the body has it's own hit points; each part of the 
> body can thus have it''s own protection. One could have 
> different armor levels to protect more crucial areas and save 
> weight-a plate helmet, chain torso, and leather greaves 
> weighs a lot less then a plate suite...), but I don't want to 
> destroy the simplicity + elegance of the rules. Any ideas/help 
> from the list?

You might check out FEAR (Fast And Easy Roleplaying ) at
www.fearrpg.net.   Its a free system with some interesting
ideas on this topic (as well as damage from different types
of attacks - acid vs crush vs grapple, for example )

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