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(TFT) Rick's rules for moving onto / jumping over bodies.

Hi everyone, 
  I've used several variations of rules for fighting on 
bodies.  This is my attempt to clean them up and 
standardize them.

  Standing on a pile of bodies counts as rough ground 
with a -1 penalty per body (maximum -6 DX).  If you do 
not move or change your facing this penalty is ignored.

  If you shift one hex onto a body or pile of bodies 
you do not have to roll to fall down unless there are 3 
or more bodies there. (If you must roll, you roll at a 
+3 DX compared to the rules for moving several hexes.)  
If you move 2 or more hexes you must roll to keep your 
feet for one or more bodies.

  The roll to keep your feet is 3vsDX including any 
penalties for rough ground.  So running up and jumping
on 4 bodies requires a 3vsDX at -4 DX.

  As bodies pile higher they get harder to jump.  Use
the rules for moving onto bodies above, exactly.  

  Jumping over one or more bodies costs 1 extra movement 

  Regards, Rick.
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