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(TFT) H3 System Revisited: Skewing the Bell Curve -- defending and UC talents

Hi Dan,

You wrote:
> Applying this method to combat makes the defend
> option less defensive and reduces the scariness of 
> the unarmed combat talents.  For combat, I think I
> would use the original H3 system I proposed instead
> of this interpolating scheme.

  That does not win extra kudos from me as I feel that
the defend option is underpowered.  As for the high
UC talents, so few people have taken them (despite the
awesomeness of UCV) that I suspect that they are just
too expensive to be worth buying up for the top level

  Perhaps the UC talents could be made cheaper given
that UCV is less useful.  That might get more people
to take them.

  (Or maybe in your campaign you get lots of people 
going for them?)

  Warm regards, Rick.
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