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Re: (TFT) H3 System Revisited: Skewing the Bell Curve -- defending and UC talents

---- Rick Smith <rsmith@lightspeed.ca> wrote: 

> You wrote:
> > Applying this method to combat makes the defend
> > option less defensive and reduces the scariness of 
> > the unarmed combat talents.  For combat, I think I
> > would use the original H3 system I proposed instead
> > of this interpolating scheme.
>   That does not win extra kudos from me as I feel that
> the defend option is underpowered.  

Which is why I didnt think about applying this to combat
back when I proposed it, instead I envisioned using it
to do things like making rolls vs IQ for noticing traps,
working locks, making lab rolls etc.  Personally, I don't
like the combat system at all since it does little to reflect
the skill of the combatants ( unless you buy the argument
that skill = DX, which I feel is a bit ridiculous, but at least
its playable.)

> As for the high UC talents, so few people have taken 
> them (despite the awesomeness of UCV) that I 
> suspect that they are just too expensive to be worth 
> buying up for the top level talent.

I agree with this assessment.  Given the cost of the 
skills and the original system, UCv is very expensive.
It's awesome though .. you can drop opponents easily
if you have a decent ST and you are almost invulnerable
as it takes 7 dice to hit you from a front hex (and don't
forget the eyes-behind ability).

I dunno, maybe it should be expensive ... just not as
expensive as it currently is.

I'm afraid I dont have a campaign as I cant get folks
together to play very often.  I just like tinkering with the
system.  :)

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