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Re: (TFT) to hit based on opponents DX

Not all combat systems include defenders' abilities in attack rolls, but I
think it's a good idea (and it's absence disappoints me, as a
detail-loving player).

GURPS and Dominions both include defenders' abilities.

In GURPS it is two actions and two rolls. If the attacker makes their roll
but not a critical success, then the attack was good enough to hit but the
defender gets a roll to prevent the attack (a different value depending on
what they choose to do to defend).

Dominions (computer game) is just a comparison of adjusted attack versus
adjusted defense with no choice involved (but some die-roll modifiers). In
a human-powered game, this would be a bit faster than the GURPS system
(but makes it easier to out-skill defenders and makes defense less

Of course, there have also been some TFT house rules for this posted to
this email list over the years.

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