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(TFT) 300

True, there probably wouldn't *be* a Western Civilization today if Leonides
and his men hadn't slowed Xerxes.  Like Herodotus, I'm biased!  And it's a
great story, like the 1st Minnesota Volunteers or Torpedo Squadron 5.

Iran has just today released the condemnation that somebody on this list
correctly predicted just a few days ago.  "300 is all part of an American plot
to disarm Iran, etc etc."

"Pearl": I'm reconsidering my claim to have hated "Pearl" all that much, I
guess I just thought it was a complete fantasy... not a bad movie, just not
very good either.  I guess it suffered compared to Tora Tora Tora.  I didn't
know that footage for TTT went into "Midway"!  I'll have to locate that one
and watch it too, another good mil-spec movie!
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