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(TFT) "Average" characters

I wanted to get some opinions on "starting" characters.

For humans, the starting player character is 32 points.  But in the rules it states that a 10 for an attribute represents the 'average' for a human.  So that means that the typical villager or peasant will be ST=10, DX=10, IQ=10.  (It would also follow that since there are so many high attribute characters in adventures, that a typical peasant may be closer to ST=9, DX=9, IQ=9).

But every published TFT supplement that I have been able to read, has ALL the (human) characters and opponents as at 32 point characters.  Should this be so?  Shouldn't a large part of the population consist of 30 point characters?  Or is the assumption that all the 30 point characters choose safe, boring town jobs, and that only the 'above average' characters would get accepted into the army, guard duty, or whatever the player characters are going to face?

Opinions?  Comments?

-Greg Thorne
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